There is no Mystery of the Missing Generator

About time I put this one to rest. The answer behind this puzzle is that the generator was there. Past tense! I just didn’t know what the guts of one looked like. I didn’t understand that there are the remains in the photo, and I had been put off the scent by the state of the Rotol gearbox fitted to Camden Museum’s A79-14. This gearbox has a blanking plate over the generator position and the Dunlop pressure reducing valve (AHO19682 – for the Canopy Seal line) and its mounting bracket (L002109A) attached on the blanking plate, as if the blanking plate should be there for a serviceable aircraft. (Although I would certainly mount the bracket over the blanking plate if I had just removed the generator – to keep it all together.)

The Generator position on the gearbox of A79-14

Below is the image from AP.1095C Vol.1, Sect. 5, Chap.9, that made me see the light. Notice the long bolts that run much of the length of the generator, holding the casing and mounting together. This is actually for the KX, but is much the same for the KX-B.

A79-536: Now that I know…

The Mystery of the Missing Generator

The configuration of the auxiliary gearbox that I have typically seen on FB.31s – in tech pubs and historical photographs (no opportunity yet to see any in the flesh) – includes mounting of the generator. Early and later configurations are shown below in extracts from AAP.828:

Above: Early configuration with vacuum pump. Generator is shown.

Below: Later configuration with vacuum pump deleted. Generator is shown.

Below: Other configuration with vacuum pump. Generator is not in the usual position; instead a bracket with pressure relief valve is attached at the location. The wreckage shown is from Vampire Mk.31 A79-536 which crashed at Pearce on 18th September, 1955.

Vampire F.30 A79-14 at the Camden Museum of Aviation has a similar gearbox that is partially installed – the gearbox has the bracket with pressure relief valve, and no sign of any generator!

So, what I want to know is:- WHERE IS THE GENERATOR on aircraft of this mod status?!