The Mystery of the Missing Generator

The configuration of the auxiliary gearbox that I have typically seen on FB.31s – in tech pubs and historical photographs (no opportunity yet to see any in the flesh) – includes mounting of the generator. Early and later configurations are shown below in extracts from AAP.828:

Above: Early configuration with vacuum pump. Generator is shown.

Below: Later configuration with vacuum pump deleted. Generator is shown.

Below: Other configuration with vacuum pump. Generator is not in the usual position; instead a bracket with pressure relief valve is attached at the location. The wreckage shown is from Vampire Mk.31 A79-536 which crashed at Pearce on 18th September, 1955.

Vampire F.30 A79-14 at the Camden Museum of Aviation has a similar gearbox that is partially installed – the gearbox has the bracket with pressure relief valve, and no sign of any generator!

So, what I want to know is:- WHERE IS THE GENERATOR on aircraft of this mod status?!

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