Help Needed

WANTS LIST – Help needed to progress work on the Vampire FB.31 – please contact me.

  1. Vampire FB.31 schedule of spare parts (IPB). I have Vocabulary of Spares, Group “A”, Sectn. 79 – AAP No.2 for the F.30 only – this is an initial issue document – no AL
  2. CAC Nene 2-VH engine or parts – anything considered!
  3. Any Vampire F.30/FB.31 parts
  4. Cockpit instruments
    1. ASI – G6A/500032
    2. Cabin Pressure – 6A/1749 or G6A/3666
    3. G-meter – G6A/3451 Eclipse Pioneer B.6; isolator mounting parts also needed


  1. Any Wessex Mk.31 cockpit parts

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