Preliminary Assembly of the Equipment and Gearboxes

Having a couple of KX generators and Lockheed hydraulic pumps, I figured I would attach these to the SG1/20 gearboxes to see how things come together. The generators for the Vampire Mk.30/31 are actually the KX-B and I haven’t seen any to date at all, let alone had the chance to acquire one. I bought these KXs because I thought they would help the cause one way or another. In addition, the KX was used on the DH.108, attached to the Goblin.

The hydraulic pumps I have aren’t quite right either. They should be Mk.VI, and I have one Mk.7 and one Mk.8. That probably wouldn’t matter of itself, but the orientations of the bodies have different clockings with respect to the mounting holes, presumably variations for specific applications.

Taking the transport covers off the pump locations revealed very clean interiors. Although there is a little black seepage, hopefully this is an indication that the oil seals have been largely effective in keeping the mud from seeping into the interior at the generator, driveshaft and compressor locations.

For two generator and two hydraulic pump locations there is only one quill and no couplings, so there is no check on engagement. However, this quick assembly shows the overall length of the arrangement, how it fits within the engine cowlings, and taught me a little more about the gearboxes and equipment. The trolley/stand I have built has also proven to be a good storage and work arrangement!