Help Needed

WANTS LIST – Help needed to progress work on Vampire FB.9 R1382 and Vampire FB.31s A79-733 and A79-175, and DH.108 TG283 replica instrument panels.

Detailed lists of WANTS and TRADE ITEMS – these are only an initial pass and will keep growing (for some time!). There are further notes below on priority items – scroll down!

  1. DH.100 (single-seat) Vampire control box components – especially the undercarriage retraction lever link fitting for the push rod: part number L00809, UC Lever Boss – see picture above, and below for more details
  2. DH.100 (single-seat) Vampire canopy rails A001675 & A001676
  3. DH.100 (single-seat) Vampire inflatable canopy seal 12FC89A or A005177A 
  4. Vampire FB.31 schedule of spare parts (IPB). I have Vocabulary of Spares, Group “A”, Sectn. 79 – AAP No.2 for the F.30 only – this is an initial issue document – no AL
  5. CAC Nene 2-VH engine or parts – anything considered!
  6. Any Vampire F.30/FB.31 parts
  7. Cockpit instruments
    1. Cabin Pressure – 6A/1749 or G6A/3666
    2. G-meter – G6A/3451 Eclipse Pioneer B.6; isolator mounting parts also needed

WANTED: Engine Control Box component L00809, UC Lever Boss

The part connects the selector lever to the rod that actuates the hydraulic valve to lower/raise the undercarriage. There are 3 rods running parallel. The other two are for the flaps and the speed brake. It seems a case of abuse; too many people taking a sticky-beak in the cockpit, and standing on the rods to get in and out.

For three aircraft (R1382, A79-733 & A79-175) we have four of these parts with a broken lug!

Although the control boxes for the single-seater and trainer are very different, this particular part is the same. I don’t know if the part is common to any of the Venom control boxes.

See the pictures below.

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